Here’s an excerpt from a recent article/interview between Andrew Moran of and Jeffrey Siegel, founder of the Bagel Festival:

“Monticello New York , the birthplace of the bagel, and official bagel capital of the world, is becoming known not only for the quaint charm of the town, but for the annual Bagel Festival. That’s right, Bagel Festival. The world wide food commodity has become the centerpiece of an annual event in New York’s Catskills, and a piece of the pride and joy of a community. With over 5,000 attendees at the 1st event last year, crowds are expected to triple this August, to over 15,000. I had the chance to talk with Jeff Siegel, the mastermind behind the Bagel Festival, and locally born and raised member of the community. I asked Jeff how such a festival came to be, what the festival is like today, and what a nationally recognized weekend means to a community like Monticello.”

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