Bagel Vendor Rules

2024 Bagel Festival

Vendor Rules & Regulations

Event Date: Sunday, August 11, 2024

Event Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Location: Broadway, Monticello, New York





I. Event – refers to the Bagel Festival and any associated activities

II. Vendor – refers to the entity that registers for the Bagel Festival to promote their organization, sell food, or sell other merchandise

III. Bagel Festival – refers to both the name of the Event and the legal entity under the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce.

Please review the following rules and regulations before registering as a vendor for the Bagel Festival. By registering for the Bagel Festival, the Vendor agrees to the rules, regulations, and terms set forth below. The Bagel Festival reserves the right to add, amend, or remove regulations without notice and at its sole discretion. Vendor acknowledges that by registering they are to hold harmless and indemnify from any claim the Monticello Chamber of Commerce, The Bagel Festival, The Village of Monticello, The Town of Thompson, and the County of Sullivan based upon negligence, acts, or omissions.


Rules & Regulations


Set Up/Break Down

  1. All vendors must sign in at vendor check-in, located at East Broadway prior to setting up. An official will direct you to your space as needed.
  2. Set up will be available from 6:00 am – 8:00 am. All vehicles must be removed from the festival area by 8:00 am. Late arrivals will not be allowed to set up and you will forfeit your application fees.
  3. You must be ready to open your booth 10 minutes prior to the festival’s opening.
  4. Vendors must unload their vehicles completely and move/park their vehicle before setting up their booth.
  5. All vendors are expected to remain during specified times barring medical emergencies. If you cannot be open during the required times, please do not submit an application.
  6. Please come prepared to stay open until 4:00 pm. For obvious safety reasons, vendors cannot bring their vehicles into the fair area until all patrons have cleared the area.
  7. Vendors cannot move their vehicles into the festival area for loading until their booth area is completely packed and sitting on the side for quick loading after 4:00 pm.
  8. All exhibitors/vendors are responsible for disposing of their own waste. Each exhibitor shall clear their space of all trash at breakdown.


  1. No vehicles, except food trucks and fair vehicles, may remain on Broadway. No vehicle or trailer will be allowed in the exhibition area during fair hours.
  2. Vendor parking is available in designated lots.

Vendor Specific Regulations

  1. We prefer each vendor to sell a bagel related item.

Additional Vendor Rules

1. Display Area: Display areas are an average of 10-feet wide by 10-feet deep.

2. Vendors must provide their own display set-up: tent, panels, tables, chairs, etc. Tents or coverings must be self-supporting. Drilling or puncturing ground or asphalt surfaces is strictly prohibited.

3. Tent Weights: The fair requires that all vendors must use a tent and all tents must be properly weighed down. Please check for weather conditions. No ground stakes are permitted.

4. No generators are allowed to be used in the fair area with the exception of food trucks. 5. Electricity and Wi-Fi is not provided.

6. Displays must be professional and aesthetically pleasing. Handwritten signs must be neat and attractive.

7. Vendors must post prices in a legible manner and in a visible place within their booth.

8. Reselling or subleasing booth space is not permitted. You may not share a space with another vendor.

  1. Vendors are expected to keep the area around their booth clean and litter free. Walkways must be kept clear for visitors and emergency personnel. Booths must be clean at all times. All vendors are responsible for removing their own trash.
  2. All business activity must be confined within the designated rented space only. No distribution, canvassing, flyers, or vending of any kind may be done by strolling through the fairgrounds.
  3. The Fair Committee reserves the right to cancel any vendor agreement/partnerships/sponsorship at any time, for any reason.
  4. The Fair and its organizers do not warrant or guarantee any particular results of the Fair, nor does it guarantee a particular number of attendees or exhibitors.
  5. All vendors are responsible for filing their own taxes with the state. All persons, companies or organizations renting booth/concession space do so as independent contractors and not as employees or agents of the Fair or its management herein, and as such assume all responsibility for withholding taxes, Social Security, State taxes, Public liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance and also assume responsibility for insurance coverage to, from, and during the Fair and for accident or injury to himself and/or his equipment.
  6. Pets are not allowed on the fairgrounds, however: officially designated “service animals” are permitted.
  7. Vendors and all employees must be properly attired at all times.
  8. All booths must be manned at all times during the fair.
  9. Megaphones and electronic amplification are not permitted. No radios, tape players, offensive noise, or distractions are permitted in booth spaces. Common curtesy to event attendees, volunteers, and fair personnel is expected of all participants.
  10. No bikes, scooters, skateboards, or roller blades are permitted.
  11. Smoking is not allowed on the premises.
  12. Alcoholic beverages and/or drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are not permitted on the property. Vendors will not be allowed to consume, serve, or sell alcoholic beverages of any kind on fair property. Vendors are not permitted to bring alcohol on the premises.

Any violation of the rules and regulations stated above will exclude vendors from participating in future shows and may result in the loss of exhibit space without a refund. Your request to exhibit or sell will imply acceptance of these rules and regulations. Vendors who do not abide by our rules may be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.

Food Vendors: Food vendors are responsible for obtaining all proper food permits from the Department of Health. Food permits are to be displayed on the day of the event.