Bagel Vendor Rules

2022 Bagel Festival
Vendor Rules & Regulations

Event Date: Sunday, August 14, 2022
Event Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Location: Broadway, Monticello, New York





I. Event – refers to the Bagel Festival and any associated activities
II. Vendor – refers to the entity that registers for the Bagel Festival to promote their organization, sell food, or sell other merchandise
III. Bagel Festival – refers to both the name of the Event and the legal entity under the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce.

Please review the following rules and regulations before registering as a vendor for the Bagel Festival. By registering for the Bagel Festival the Vendor agrees to the rules, regulations, and terms set forth below. The Bagel Festival reserves the right to add, amend, or remove regulations without notice and at its sole discretion. Vendor acknowledges that by registering they are to hold harmless and indemnify from any claim the Monticello Chamber of Commerce, The Bagel Festival, The Village of Monticello, The Town of Thompson, and the County of Sullivan based upon negligence, acts, or omissions.


(1) Vendor Setup

a. Vendor must remain at their designated location until the end of the event.
b. Vendor will be notified prior to the event where they will be set up. Special accommodations must be requested in advance. The Bagel Festival does not guarantee that special requests will be honored.
c. Setup begins at 7:00AM on August 14, 2022. All vehicles must be removed from the street no later than 8:30AM.
d. Vendor must supply their own tables, tents, and/or canopies for a 10’ by 10’ space. Vendor agrees to use no more than their allocated 10’ by 10’ booth space unless they have purchased additional space at a cost of their registration price for each incremental 10’ by 10’ space.
f. Vendor must register for a food truck spot if a vehicle or self contained unit (“food truck”) is being used.
g. Vendor is responsible for providing their own electricity if needed.

(2) Permits, Licenses, & Certificates

a. Vendor is solely responsible for obtaining any permit, license, or certificate required to sell
their product or food at The Bagel Festival.
b. Vendor must display any applicable permits, licenses, or certificates at their booth for the
entire duration of the event.
c. Food vendor must provide proof of their NYS Health Department certificates at least 2 weeks
prior to the event.
d. Application for food permit from NYS can be downloaded at:
   i. Food Safety Licensing:

(3) Cross Promotion

a. Vendor agrees to place a link to the Bagel Festival website listed above on their company website and/or social media pages.
b. Vendor agrees to allow the Bagel Festival to use their company name and logo on any promotional material.
c. Vendor is highly encouraged to cross promote the Bagel Festival to help drive attendance and may use the Bagel Festival logo on any promotional materials or websites.

(4) Bagel Festival Rights

a. The Bagel Festival reserves the right to deny any application without explanation at any time, even after an application has been paid for. Denied or canceled applications will be fully refunded.
b. Applications are non-refundable if the Vendor chooses not to participate in the Bagel Festival.
c. If a vendor registers after August 6, 2022 the Bagel Festival can not guarantee that Vendor will be included on the vendor map, the website, or any other promotional material.


(5) Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, their employees and Board of directors, Monticello Chamber of Commerce, The County of Sullivan, their agents, elected officials and employees, the organizers of the Bagel Festival and their agents, servants and employees against all loss, damage and expense which they may sustain or become liable for on account of injury to or death of persons, or on account of damage to or destruction of property resulting in connection with the Event arising out of the actions of the Vendor, his/her Subcontractors or any other individuals working or volunteering on Vendor’s behalf at the Event or due to or arising in any manner from the wrongful act or negligence of the Vendor, his/her Subcontractors, or any individuals working for or volunteering on Vendor's behalf at the Event.

(6) Insurance is preferred but not required. If Vendor has insurance, please provide a copy of your certificate of insurance naming the Bagel Festival and it's organizers, additional insured.

(7) Facsimile signatures shall constitute original signatures for all purposes.